How to Remove Spray Paint from Rims?

Painted Car Rim In: How to Remove Spray Paint from Rims?

Do you want to learn how to remove spray paint from rims? Keep reading this article for the step-by-step guide. Spray paint can get onto car rims in several ways. The rims could get stained by overspray, or you could deliberately paint them to give them a unique look. You may also have bought a … Read more

How to Thin Paint for Spray Gun- In 4 Easy Steps

How to Thin Paint for Spray Gun

Knowing how to thin paint for spray gun ensures you get the perfect finish for your spray painting project! Before applying paint with a spray gun, you must ensure it has the right viscosity and consistency. If it is too thick, you have to thin it; if it’s too runny, you should make it thicker. … Read more

How to Make Spray Paint Dry Faster

How to Make Spray Paint Dry Faster

Do you agree that knowing how to make spray paint dry faster helps make your paint tasks a lot easier? Let’s see how … The main target of project managers, professional painters, and DIY painting fanatics is to produce stellar results in the shortest time possible. But spray painting, and other painting methods, by extension, … Read more

Can You Spray Paint Wood?

Image of Painted Wood. So, Can You Spray Paint Wood?

Most painters (professionals, DIYers, and beginners) paint wood by brushing or rolling. We usually see and associate spraying with automotive and metallic substrates. However, can you spray paint wood? Absolutely yes! Spray painting is a relatively new concept compared to other paint application techniques. That’s why most painters haven’t explored it on wood yet. You … Read more

Air Paint Sprayer vs Airless Paint Sprayer

How to Thin Paint for Spray Gun

There are numerous paint application techniques; you can employ brushing, spraying, rolling, dipping, flow coating, etc. In this article, we’ll focus on paint spraying using an air paint sprayer vs airless paint sprayer. The machines differ in structure, spraying method/application, cost, operating pressure, the scale of operation, material viscidity, transfer rate, painting duration, and finish.  … Read more