Can You Paint Over Por 15?

Image of por 15 but Can You Paint Over Por 15?The Por 15 formula is ideal for rusty surfaces, and unlike other paints, it cures best in the presence of moisture. So, ensure you prepare the area to paint before opening the packaging as it cures once you open the can. But as much as it is a common product in painting, some still ask can you paint over por 15?

Yes! It is okay to paint over Por 15 as it accepts all paint formulas, including lacquer-based ones. In addition, we have the Por 15 Tie-Coat Primer that helps prepare the surface before you topcoat with the Por 15. Therefore, the paint job will be as easy as if you were using any regular paint.

The paint helps you to season metal surfaces and stop rust permanently. But, ensure you do not put over rust that needs to be cut out. Also, read through this article for more guidelines regarding surface preparations and Por 15 application technique.

Do You Have to Sand Por 15 Before Painting?

It would be best to scuff sand the cured Por 15 before painting. In addition, consider 600 grit sandpaper to deliver a more sophisticated finish. However, the sanding process only applies to painting the cured surface. Thus, you do not need to sand a ‘fresh’ surface before applying Por 15.

Can You Spray Primer Over POR 15?

You can spray over Por 15 but ensure that it cures before you proceed. Also, remember that the primer should not substitute Por 15 or any metal part that requires rust converting.

On top of that, Por 15 is common for cars because owners do not want rust in the vehicle’s undersides or between body panels. Therefore, a primer alone may not be sufficient to offer rust protection.

Also, it is best to avoid applying Por 15 or primer over rust that needs to be cut out. So, ensure that you assess the extent of the rust damage before you apply any formula.

Is There Anything Better than Por 15?

The choice of a paint formula depends on your project needs and personal preferences. However, there are two major paints for metal surfaces, namely Chassis Saver and Por 15. They are among the most respected and bought brands for covering rusted surfaces, and they keep the metal frame looking glossy.

But, even so, the formulas work best on different paint jobs. Hence, it would be best to engage with their functions, similarities, and differences before you make a choice.

First, let’s look at the individual paints and what to expect.

  • Por 15

This paint is perfect for surfaces that are already rusty. It delivers hard abs that stick to the metal and provide superior protection. In addition, the formula can fight existing rust on the surface if you apply it directly. But, it would be best to follow the recommended three-step process to achieve better results.

The process includes degreasing and cleaning the surface, metal preparations, and applying the Por 15 paint. Also, you can consider a spray gun for the application process to get a smooth and glossy finish.

Por 15 comes in various colors, like silver, grey, gloss black, semi-gloss black, silver, and clear. Thus, it allows you to select the best hue for the surface. On top of that, the metal enjoys protection from chemicals, salt, water, and other corrosive substances.

The product’s effectiveness lies in the curing process. Thus, ensure that it cures completely before further painting. Also, interestingly, Por 15 cures differently than other paints as it dries best in an environment with high moisture levels.

Por 15 begins to cure as soon as you open the can. Hence, ensure that you do not keep remaining paint for too long after a project. Besides that, you can use saran wrap as you seal the can to keep the formula reusable.

Finally, store the paint in a well-ventilated area as it can be quite hazardous. Ensure that you wear a mask for optimum protection and follow the instructions on the can. Also, please refrain from using Por 215 on metal parts that need welding. The formula is poisonous when burnt and thus, may cause health hazards.

  • Chassis Saver

This product is a high-solid formula that curbs truck corrosion. It is budget-friendly as it works best with minimal use of primers and topcoats. Moreover, Chassis Saver features anti-rusting compounds that stick tightly to marginally repaired surfaces.

The formula requires a thorough surface preparation session to adhere to the metal properly. A hand scraper or wire brush can remove loose scale and rust particles. But sandblasting the metal will achieve a better outcome.

Chassis Saver fights rust by keeping the metal from oxygen and moisture. It forms a dried finish that appears like a catalyzed film yet without activators. The paint also cures by reacting with atmospheric moisture and bonds with the surface to deliver a gaze-like, hard, non-porous finish.

You will enjoy the metal surface for a longer duration, thanks to the superior protection offered by the paint. For example, Chassis Saver is impervious to diesel fuel, battery acids, salt, gasoline, chemicals, solvent oils, hydraulic acids, salt, and other corrosives.

Lastly, ensure that you get a saran wrap to cover the can. Otherwise, the paint will glue the lid and can together. Hence, it will be difficult to remove the lid if you want to use it later.

That said, the formulas are similar in multiple ways. For instance:

  • They stick to the metal surface, including your hands. Hence, it would be best to cover your skin during application. Also, you can apply Por 15 and Chassis Saver directly to the object. But sandblasting will deliver a better finish.
  • The products have a simple application formula. You can use a spray gun or brush to paint the surface. In addition, they are moisture cure polyurethanes. So, it would be best to add a topcoat, especially on surface areas with sunlight exposure.
  • This topcoat prevents fading and discoloration, keeping the paint finish in good shape for a longer duration. Besides that, although UV rays increase the fading risk, they do not diminish the formulas’ corrosion resistance and ‘rust stopping’ attributes.

Also, we have obvious differences between Por 15 and Chassis Saver. Here is where you pay attention as the points will help you select the most suitable product.

  • It would be best to prefer Chassis Saver if you consider UV resistance important for your surface. The paint has a better UV rating than Por 15. However, even though Por 15 may shrink on the edges and fade quickly with UV exposure, it won’t flake off. Therefore, you can still use it for your work.
  • The paints work desirably on rusty surfaces. But Por 15 sticks more firmly to etched metal or existing rust. Also, it still adheres to the surface even without sandblasting. Thus, it is an ideal product if you prefer covering rust to painting a glossy surface.
  • With that in mind, Por 15 requires more preparation work than Chassis Saver. Also, the process can be uncomfortable as the paint is toxic.
  • Chassis Saver is suitable for frames that require finishing, whereas Por 15 is perfect for vehicles with a covered frame. The latter delivers the desired finish only when you use a spray. However, it will help to do it slowly and carefully as the process may lead to paint wastage.
  • On the other hand, Chassis Saver works perfectly with foam brushes and gives the same coat as a spray. But, ensure that you watch out for the drips when using thin paint. Also, the formula may not adhere properly to bare aluminum. Thus, it would help first to apply a primer.
  • Lastly, Por 15 is more expensive than Chassis Saver. The paint requires a more thorough prep session, and you need to follow all the prescribed steps for an ideal result.

So, which one do you deem as the best formula? The paints are both excellent brands that will deliver durable ‘rust stopping’ solutions. Also, remember that buy the paint amount you can finish if you want to use the formulas. Leftovers harden and, thus, hard to use again in other projects. 

NB: Local shops will rather recommend what they sell instead of the best product for your work. Thus, please go through the products again and see which one works better for the project.

Can You Put Por 15 Directly Over Rust?

You can apply Por 15 over rust as long as you are not working with loose rust. Also, the paint does not stick to clean metal surfaces, and it would help to edge them before application. On top of that, Por 15 will not stick to itself unless you sand the first coat. However, if the coat is less than 24 hours old, you can get away with it.

The formula does not work well with smooth and shiny surfaces. Thus, proper preparation is mandatory for a perfect finish. Clean the metal surface with Por 15 Marine-Clean and rinse with water. Then, allow it to dry. In addition, Por 15 also works on sandblasted and seasoned metal.

Besides that, the product does not work on heavy rust, regardless of the advertising hype. The best way to get an ideal result is by grinding, sandblasting, or using Redi-dip. Thus, you are confident that the finish will cure into a non-porous finish that is crack, chip, and peel-resistant. Also, pro-15 will prevent rust from recurring as it preserves the metal from further moisture exposure.

How Many Coats of Por 15 Do I Need?

It would be best to work with two coats. You can consider spraying the paint if you are working on a large surface. Also, a paint booth will come in handy to keep the environment and other items free from paint.

In addition, ensure that you get a professional to help you out if you are a beginner. The formula can be messy, and you need some expertise to maneuver the application stage.

You can also consider the brush method. But it will take a long duration to achieve full coverage. The process will also put too much time between the paint coats and compromise the results.

Can You Spray Por 15 Out of a Paint Gun?

It is okay to spray Por 15 out of a paint gun. But ensure that you wash it thoroughly with lacquer thinner immediately after use. The paint may clog in the gun and cause damage. Thus, this move will help you keep the gun in good shape for other projects.

In addition, spraying is much faster than using a brush, especially when covering a large surface. Also, it would help to remove the paint from your hands as soon as you finish painting. Or else, you’ll have to wait until the skin naturally makes the dry formula naturally fall off.

Besides that, even if you are worried about ruining the spray gun, you can easily get another one. eBay provides cheap and quality guns for spraying paints.

How Do You Spray POR15?

The first step to a successful spraying session is thinning the formula. Hence, ensure that you get the appropriate thinner as you make your purchases. Also, ensure that you have a good respirator to keep you from inhaling the paint fumes.

In addition, it is recommended that you get a cheap spray gun. It will help you save costs, time, and energy even if you have to dispose of the gun after the job. The formula is almost impossible to clean off. Thus, you can save yourself the frustration of an intense equipment clean-up.

Besides that, you can opt for Por 15 RustPreventive Coating after preparing the surface. Also, please avoid shaking the can. Use a pouring spout and dispense a portion into another container. Then, seal at once while keeping the grooves and the lid clean.

Does Por-15 Fade?

Yes. Por-15 fades when exposed to UV light. But, although it is sensitive to the rays, it does not degrade its rust-resistant attributes. You will know that the finish is fading once you observe a chalky appearance.

Also, the faded surface looks so ugly, and it would be best to prevent it. Topcoat the finish with UV tolerant paint and keep the metal looking attractive. However, ensure that you remove the chalky surface before applying a topcoat.

Thankfully, Por-15 allows you to apply a top coat as soon as it cures. Thus, you do not have to observe fading signs before you add a protective coat. Moreover, prevention is always better than cure. You save more money, time, and energy.

Does Por-15 Need a Top Coat?

Por-15 needs a top coat to last longer. The paint coat forms a robust covering or barrier that sheds moisture. Thus, the surface remains unweathered by harsh conditions. Also, you can apply the top coat directly to previously painted surfaces or metal substrates. 

Besides that, UV rays cause the Por-15 surface to break down and eventually fail. However, it is recommended to topcoat the finish for optimal protection even if you accidentally give the metal excess sun exposure.

Stir the Por-15 before and during use. Please refrain from shaking the product. Also, ensure that you do not paint directly from the can. So, please use a pouring spout to pour a portion of the formula into a separate container. Then, seal the can immediately to keep it from drying.

Please avoid returning leftover paint into the can. Also, ensure that you keep the lid and grooves clean as you do the formula transfer. 

Lastly, use two thin covering coats. And there you go!

How Long Before You Can Top Coat POR15?

Por15 topcoat cures to touch in about 30 to 60 minutes. Also, you can apply the second coat in 2 to 72 hours, depending on the humidity and temperature levels.

The formula can take up to three to four days to reach optimal dryness. Unfortunately, temperatures below 15 degrees celsius may lengthen the curing time. Therefore, you’ll have to wait for a longer duration if you paint in an extremely low temperatures season.

Is Por-15 Metal Prep Necessary?

Metal prep is necessary before paint application because it helps the paint adhere properly to the surface. Also, coating shiny polished metal surfaces, such as aluminum, can prove challenging. Therefore, you need metal prep to gently etch the surface and create a perfect anchor pattern for the paint coating.

In addition, metal prep leaves a zinc phosphate coating that reinforces an excellent chemical bonding between the paint and steel.

Even so, avoid prep jobs that can leave harmful residues that can compromise a perfect finish. Also, apply an environmentally safe Por-15 Metal Prep formula. It helps to etch the clean bare metal and neutralize rust.

The formula is not corrosive, flammable, acidic, or toxic. Also, it does not just work with Por-15 Rust Preventive Coating alone. The paint is suitable for other coating products. Therefore, it serves as the perfect product to prepare for painting.

Most car manufacturing facilities get various car steel parts from different production lots and steel mills. Hence, the surface texture varies with the steel mill roll’s conditions, determining the metal’s final thickness.

On top of that, the mill’s cleaning techniques and procedures affect the metal’s cleanliness. Most mills also back carbon smut onto the steel during a high-temperature annealing process before rolling. Thus, you need to use mechanical abrasion to remove the smut and suffer from a more tedious prep session.

Also, rust varies with the handling techniques at the steel mill, during storage and transportation, and fabrication. For example, steel reacts to form an incomplete oxide if you store it for a long time with rust inhibiting oil. The result is that the metal will affect paint coatings much differently than ordinary steel.

Most commercial steel providers will give you a quality surface for coating. But you will also find steel that shows poor rust resistance and adhesion qualities. They may disappoint you despite having good quality coatings. Interestingly, one mill may produce high and poor quality surfaces, depending on various uncontrollable factors.

But, even so, Por-15 Metal Prep helps to overcome nearly all the above issues. It serves as an affordable insurance policy that guarantees you perfect adhesion. Therefore, your Por-15 Rust Preventive Coating will bond with the metallic surface perfectly.

Can Por-15 Engine Enamel Be Sprayed?

Yes, it is possible to spray Por-15 engine enamel on metal. However, it would be best to work in well-ventilated areas. Also, please consider using Por-15 solvent and avoid thinning the formula more than 20%.

Most engine paints are available in a spray bottle for quick and easy application. In addition, you will find some products in regular paint cans, meaning that you’ll have to use a brush. Luckily, you can fill the engine enamel into a spray can and enjoy a betters paint application session.

Even so, you can still brush the paint. Ensure that you do not forget and thin the formula.

How Long Does POR-15 Metal Prep Last?

POR-15 Metal Prep lasts forever if elements do not damage it. However, you need to examine the surface frequently to identify fissures. They form cranks, and then chunks fall off if the fissures persist.

Unfortunately, the rust can grow back once the surface remains cracked for an extended period. Thus, it would help to scrape off the damaged area as soon as possible. Then, apply a recoat.

Metal Prep formula delivers an unmatched experience as it removes rust from the metal. It assists in delivering better welding conductivity. The solution is also reusable and coats with zinc phosphate.

You will also create a perfect base for POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating, thanks to the metal prep.

Does POR-15 Metal Prep Contain Phosphoric Acid?

Yes. POR-15 Metal Prep contains Phosphoric acid. It also contains Zinc Phosphate and Octylphenoxy Polyethanol Ethanol Trihenol Methane.

These compounds help the formula etch clean bare metal to ensure proper adhesion. In addition, they neutralize rust and keep the surface shiny and robust for an extended duration.

How Long Should Por 15 Dry Before Second Coat?

Generally, you should wait for at least three to six hours before applying a second coat. Also, the formula uses moisture to dry completely. Therefore, the more humid the area, the faster surface will cure.  

On top of that, you can slide your finger over the paint to assess if it has cured. Then, lay down the next coat if you experience a slight drag. Also, since the humid levels affect the curing rate, choosing a humid day for the project would be best.

Lastly, ensure that you test Por 15 on scrap metal before you get to the real deal. Then, scuff the first layer and paint over it once it dries to the touch.

What Temperature Should You Use Por 15?

The best temperature for Por 15 is 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is around 648.8 degrees Celsius. The surface will resist chipping, cracking., and peeling at this temperature. So, it will help to check the weather forecast or create the temperatures artificially.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Por 15 Stick to Aluminum?

Aluminum is generally a shiny surface, and thus, it is difficult for Por 15 to adhere properly to the surface. So, it would help to prep the metal before paint application.

You can consider Por 15 Metal Prep as it helps the aluminum surface create a tight bond with the paint formula.

  • Is Por 15 Any Good?

Absolutely yes! Por 15 is among the best formulas to get for your metal surfaces. It delivers robust corrosion and rust-resistant attributes. Hence, your surface will remain in good shape for a very long time.

Even so, it can cause health hazards. For instance, you risk isocyanides getting into your lungs, hardening, and thus causing suffocation. However, you can easily keep safe by getting a respirator with proper filters.

  • How Tough Is POR 15?

POR 15 is a top-notch product. It delivers a pretty hardcore surface that takes a screwdriver to make marks once it dries. Also, even if it is UV sensitive, its rust-resistant qualities do not degrade.

Besides that, you can preserve the finish from fading by getting a suitable topcoat.


Por 15 is the perfect rust preventive formula designated for seasoned or rusted surfaces. It dries rock-hard and offers a non-porous finish that does not crack, peel, or chip. Therefore, rust does not reoccur due to excessive exposure to moisture. But, UV rays are a threat to the paint’s beautiful finish. So, in an attempt to keep the painted surface intact, we ask the query:

Can You Paint Over Por 15?

You can paint over Por 15. Moreover, you can work with all paint products, like lacquer-based formulas. Also, you’ll find the Por 15 Tie-Coat Primer useful during the prep process. It enhances paint adhesion, and the coat remains intact for an extended period.