How Long Before You Can Wet Sand Spray Paint?

Spray Paint In How Long Before You Can Wet Sand Spray Paint?

Nowadays, homeowners and DIYers have abandoned brush painting in favor of spray painting their projects. Mostly, bristle brushes and rollers won’t bring to life your project as spray painting does, and considering that spray paints are highly versatile, you can utilize them on various surfaces. However, you should wet sand your spray paint for a … Read more

Can You Paint Over Drylok? Best Drylok Painting and Care Tips 2022

Image of Drylok In Can You Paint Over Drylok?

Can you paint over drylok? That’s a question from one of my readers! Here’s what I want to tell those painters with similar concerns regarding the painting of drylok. Please read on… Concrete surfaces are naturally porous and hence susceptible to moisture. As such, the moisture can influence mold growth, cracking, bubbling, and even scale … Read more