How Much Does a Gallon of Paint Weigh?

A painter's Project. But, Do You Know How Much Does a Gallon of Paint Weigh?

Have you ever asked yourself how much does a gallon of paint weigh? If you have, stick with me because I have all the answers in this article. When buying paint, we focus mainly on its color and type. However, its weight also matters, especially if you want to purchase enough paint for a big … Read more

Wood Filler vs Spackle- 2 Best Compounds for Filling Holes and Gaps

The day’s topic will be “Wood Filler Vs Spackle,” where I’ll provide clear guidelines to dispel confusion between these two products. There are cases where drywall, floor, or wooden furniture contains minor damages like cracks and crevices. Some also sustain medium-sized impairments like gouges, holes, and indentations. The impairments mentioned above do not warrant the … Read more

How to Thin Latex Paint- Thinning Latex Paint In 3 Steps

Latex Paints In: How to Thin Latex Paint

Today, I’d love to discuss how to thin latex paint; please stay with me for more… Sometimes, factory-finished paint doesn’t come in the precise consistency you desire for application. It could be either too thick or too thin. In this case, you need to add a medium, gel, or thinning agent to adjust the flow … Read more

Acrylic Vs Latex Paint

Paint Brushes In Acrylic Vs Latex Paint

Let’s jump into the acrylic vs latex paint debate. Here’s everything you need to know… First, there are many paint types out there. It’s, therefore, crucial to balance taste and substrate compatibility before purchasing paint. To get this right, you need to know the paints or have some background information. As I’ve indicated earlier in … Read more

Can You Paint Driveway? Painting Driveway In 4 Easy Steps!

Image of Driveway. But Can You Paint Over Driveway?

Are you wondering whether you should paint driveway? Here’s what you should know! Driveways are usually the quickest to weather because they get exposed to harsh outdoor conditions all year round. On top of that, they catch fuel and oil spills regularly; therefore, they will chip and crack if you don’t give them the proper … Read more

Can You Use Exterior Paint Inside? Best Interior & Exterior Paints 2022

Image of a Painter at Work. Which paint is better in the Latex vs Enamel Paint option?

Exterior paints are reputable for their durability which is desirable quality. Even so, can you use exterior paint inside? Here’s everything you need to know about exterior paints! We are used to classifying paints based on their continuous phase/solvent; this gives rise to water-based vs. oil-based paints. However, we can categorize paints in terms of … Read more

Satin or Gloss Finish

Satin or Gloss Finish

If you are a painter, at some point, you must choose, a satin or gloss finish. But, until that happens, here’s what you need to know… The finish of a coating product is crucial to the overall success of a painting project. It will determine the best place to use the product, the intensity of … Read more